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we are working for you!
we are working for you

and calculation

Our advanced diagnostic tools and expert technicians ensure accurate troubleshooting and precise calculations, helping you identify and resolve vehicle issues efficiently


Trust our skilled team to handle chassis suspension problems, providing expert solutions to maintain your vehicle's stability and ride comfort


With our professional brake system services, we guarantee your safety on the road by ensuring optimal brake performance and responsiveness


Keep your cool with our air conditioner services, ensuring your vehicle's climate control system functions flawlessly for a comfortable driving experience

of electrics

Our experienced technicians specialize in electric system repairs, addressing electrical issues promptly to keep your vehicle running smoothly

of devices

Enhance your driving experience with our device installation services, seamlessly integrating modern technology into your vehicle


Discover the power of a well-maintained engine with Top Level Cars. Our experts ensure your vehicle's heart runs smoothly

Filter oil

Trust us for quick and efficient oil filter changes, a crucial maintenance task that extends your engine's lifespan and optimizes performance
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Founded by a diverse team comprising a US Army Ranger, a seasoned US Army aircraft electrician, and two skilled immigrant mechanics from Europe, our car repair company stands as a testament to a unique blend of military precision and global expertise. Drawing on the Ranger's leadership skills and the electrician's meticulous attention to detail, we've crafted a service that prioritizes excellence. The immigrant mechanics, hailing from Europe, bring a wealth of experience with European cars, contributing to our comprehensive range of services. Our shared vision is to make high-quality car repairs accessible to everyone on Oahu, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Rooted in a commitment to customer satisfaction and community service, our company exemplifies the fusion of military discipline, technical proficiency, and a global perspective, providing a reliable and inclusive automotive solution for the people of Oahu.
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The company has a Yelp rating of 4.8 based on 19 reviews. Google map rating – 5.0 based on 22 reviews
  • "Top Level Cars exceeded all my expectations! Their exceptional service and professionalism are truly commendable. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm welcome. The staff's knowledge and attention to detail instilled confidence in their work. My vehicle was repaired efficiently, and I felt like a valued customer throughout the process. I highly recommend Top Level Cars for their top-notch automotive services!"
    Michael R.
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  • "I recently had my car serviced at Top Level Cars, and I must say it was a fantastic experience. Their team's expertise in diagnosing and resolving issues is truly impressive. They kept me informed at every step, and the work was completed promptly. The attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in the results. I'm grateful to have found such a reliable and trustworthy auto service provider.
    Best of the best"
    Dennis E.
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  • "I've been a loyal customer of Top Level Cars for years, and they consistently deliver exceptional service. Jennifer and her team are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly friendly and accommodating. They go above and beyond to ensure that my car is in the best possible condition. Whether it's routine maintenance or a more complex repair, I know I can rely on Top Level Cars for top-tier service."
    Mark H.
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  • "I can't thank Top Level Cars enough for their outstanding work on my vehicle. Pavel O. and his team demonstrated remarkable professionalism and technical expertise. They diagnosed and resolved a challenging issue that other shops couldn't figure out. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident, and I'm grateful to have such a reliable automotive service provider. Top Level Cars truly lives up to its name!"
    Christine W.
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  • Ivan R.
    Ivan Rudenko, a seasoned electrician with a decade of experience, brings a distinguished background in the US Army Aviation, where he served for four years. During his tenure, he excelled as an aircraft electrician, overseeing all electronic components of UH-60 and CH-47 aircraft. His responsibilities included critical tasks ensuring the safety of multiple pilots during active duty. Ivan seamlessly transitioned to the civilian sector, remaining committed to serving both the people and the nation, reflecting his dedication cultivated in the US Army. Trust in his expertise, backed by a decade of experience and a proven track record in high-stakes environments.
  • Pavel B.
    As the CEO of a reputable car repair shop, my primary focus is on delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. With a deep understanding of the automotive industry, I lead a team of skilled technicians to provide high-quality repairs and maintenance. Implementing innovative strategies, I strive to keep the repair shop at the forefront of industry standards, ensuring our customers receive cutting-edge solutions. My commitment to transparency, integrity, and efficiency is the driving force behind the success of our car repair shop.
  • Alexander B.
    Head of Technical Services
    A skilled immigrant car mechanic with extensive experience in European cars has found a new home in Hawaii. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the island, this mechanic is dedicated to providing top-notch service to the Hawaiian Ohana. With a passion for European car models, they bring a unique set of skills that can address a wide range of automotive issues. Committed to fostering positive relationships within the community, the mechanic is not only adept at fixing cars but also takes pride in creating a welcoming and trustworthy environment for the Hawaiian Ohana. Their journey as an immigrant mechanic reflects a seamless integration into the Hawaiian community, where their expertise contributes to the well-being of local families.